Mumbai Art Exhibition

SHA helped me to heal my family matrix of abuse and also of financial issues that were lingering for a long time. They change the surrounding environment  by healing the energies of the place. Balancing, harmonizing. They are alive. I love them!

Liliana Martins

I was going through depression from my childhood. I have tried counselling, different healing techniques and methods but nothing seemed to help. I started to use and connect with the SHA. The depression I couldn’t cure before was completely gone just by connecting with the picture.

Melinda Gereb

I was introduced to SHA over two years ago and they captivated me from day one. Not only with their colours that help to heal and harmonize the environments where they are placed but also their ability to come alive at any given moment for the people that they connect with –children included! Both of my children love them and have had them in their bedrooms. I have these Healing Arts mainly to harmonize and heal the physical environment at my house, where they have been placed in different rooms

Maricela Tomlin

I am very happy that I have used this healing art to improve the relationships in my family. I have seen some faces, some Godly figures in these healing arts which means it has helped me to clear my negative karma and ancestral karma. I feel very blessed to have these healing arts in my life.

Mrs Krishnapriya Prem

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