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The Sacred Healing Arts

The Sacred Healing Arts (SHA’s) were first channelled in 2016. The artist behind the arts, Bella, understood the medicinal qualities of the art so donated them to The Sacred Factory, the Pharmacy department of School of Awakening. The students were then able to use and test this cutting-edge and empowering tool, verifying that the arts uplifted both the environment they’re placed in and the people within that environment.

The healing properties of the arts are now being made available outside of the school so even more people can rewrite their stories and heal their environment. As these are no ordinary arts, we don’t provide an ordinary service! You’re able to order a bespoke art created specifically for the challenge you wish to address, alongside the new frequency you wish to experience in the home, office, or chosen location for the SHA. Your SHA Care Agent will advise you on the techniques behind the SHA and will provide an after care service to ensure you have the best experience possible with your SHA.

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What are Sacred Healing Arts?

The Sacred Healing Arts are an art with a difference! How so? Well, these arts are healing arts that appear different for every person that views them. The user can set an intention for an area of their life they want to work on, whether that be a challenge they want to move past or an area they wish to enhance. The art will then reflect this back within the colours and shapes on the canvas, making the unseen seen.

There are two techniques behind the arts that are unique to them. The first, Dissociative Deductive Learning (DDL), enables the viewer to dissociate themself from their situation, so they can view it from a new perspective and therefore change the situation. It’s proved to be an effective and empowering technique for those already using the arts. The second is a variation on an existing therapy. The Light Reflective Transmission (LRT) harnesses the energy of light within the canvas to help heal a person and their environment. It is an upgrade to colour therapy which is responsible for how vibrant and mesmerising the arts are.

How it works? Techniques Behind The Healing Arts

About Dissociative Deductive Learning (DDL) 

SHAs provide the observer with a colourful space to recognise and reconstruct their mental and emotional space through The Dissociative Deductive Learning.  This tool comes from years of research and observation in the field of hypnotherapy, light colour therapy and mind science. The arts reveal a story for the observer to enter, disassociating themselves emotionally, whilst moving into a creative and lighter state of mind. It enables the thoughts of the observer to adopt a wider perspective, with each canvas inviting them on a journey through the stories.

Light Reflective Transmission (LRT)

Our unique use of colour in art, which focuses you on the properties of the colours, creates a bigger shift in people than when using universal light therapy methods. The creation process of SHAs plays a part in this. SHAs are set to sun dry, absorbing the high UV rays of the sun and activating the colour properties that later transmit into the person and the environment.  

 The wavelength of light dictates which colour is visible, with each colour having a different effect on the body. Within colour therapy, colours on the red side of the spectrum, such as red and yellow, are seen as warm colours that stimulate, whilst colours on the blue side of the spectrum, such as blue and green, are seen to have a calming effect. However, within School of Awakening, each colour is recognised for its own qualities. For example, magenta invokes care, yellow represents hope and royal blue invokes wisdom.


The combination of techniques behind the arts have proved to have a powerful effect on those using the arts. When SHAs are used consistently, viewers can see a gradual change in their behaviours which over time amounts to some transformational shifts. Not only does the person viewing the art receive the effects, but also family members, friends and colleagues in the same environment.

About Bella

Bella is a channelled artist who has donated arts to The Sacred Factory, the pharmacy of School of Awakening. The artworks act as medication for the soul. Members of the school have been using Sacred Healing Arts (SHAs) for two years and now they’re being opened up to the public.

These bespoke and unique arts are a modality for every man, woman and child to discover, explore, and reframe their story. They can be channelled on request to infuse your desired energy and intentions into your chosen space. This could be your living room, bedroom, office, or even a classroom in a local school or a waiting room in a local hospital.

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